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IRON TRASH! A Bi-Weekly Competiton
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Cooking Trashy Food inan "Iron Chef" style
Iron trash is a friendly competition ala "Iron Chef" where competitors try to create the trashiest meal possible with a certain Secret Ingredient.

Every member of the community is an Official Iron Trash Judge, and should award points to each dish as they see fit.

Up to Ten Points in 3 of the following categories:
1. Creativity/Originality
2. Trashiness/Presentation
3. Yum Factor/"I would eat that"

Really, feel free to give the points in any categories you wish as long as you judge the dish on three separate criteria. Trashiness, Presentation, Creativity... Yum Factor, Originality, Color... make stuff up if you like! Just don't use the same thing mre than once per vote.

New challenges are posted every Friday at Noon(PST) and cross-posted to a few communities. A "Heads Up" post is made on Monday to remind everybody that the current challenge is still going, and a "Last Call" post will be made on Wednesday to let everybody know that there are approximately 24 hours left to submit entries. Some time around Noon on Thursday no more entries will be accepted and a "Round-Up Post" will be made with hot-links to each eligible entry in this competition. This is the chance for the judges to go back and make sure they have voted for everything! Some time before Noon(PST) on Friday voting will be closed, the scores will be tallied a the BIG WINNAH POST will be made declaring who has won the current round of Iron Trash! Then, at or around Noon(pst) on Friday the next Iron Trash Challenge will be announced.

We will also be enforcing a semi-strict "No Snark" policy in this community from here on out, "3 strikes & you are out" policy. If you're making hurtful comments with no other intent than to try and hurt somebody's feelings? That's an Iron trash no-no and you WILL get banned.