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Since no one else has stepped up, and I got my head screwed back on straight and can manage it, I think it's time for a new challenge. I guess we'll need a little refresher since it's been awhile.

The Rules (no, not that stupid book):

STEP 1: The Chef posts his dish for The Judges (members of the Iron Trash Community) to judge. This competition is open to ANYONE who wants to participate. All you need is at least TWO PICTURES to enter; a picture of the finished dish and at least one picture of you actually preparing the dish. You may enter as many dishes as you want (or can afford/stomach/clean up after).

STEP 2: In the comments of that dish-post, the judges (any member of the Iron Trash Community) will leave their judgment. This may include a few short remarks if the Judge wishes. Each judge may award up to Ten Points in 3 of the following categories:

1. Creativity/Originality

2. Trashiness/Presentation

3. Yum Factor/"I would eat that"

Really, feel free to give the points in any categories you wish as long as you judge the dish on three separate criteria. Trashiness, Presentation, Creativity... Yum Factor, Originality, Color... make stuff up if you like! Just don't use the same thing more than once per vote. DO NOT try to persuade other judges in the comments, please!

Step 3: At the end of the Competition Period (usually one week), I'll make a  "Master Post" with links to all the official entries for the current
battle. This is your last chance, as Judges, to go back and leave points for all the dishes.

The next day, I will add-up all the points for each dish, average them, notify the chefs and post a WINNER post declaring which chef's cuisine reigned supreme this week!

Day after that (OK, maybe a couple of days to recover), a new challenge is posted.

Final entries should be posted by two weeks from today, by Midnight on the 27th of September (Eastern Time).

And now (drumroll, please) the secret ingredient is....

CANNED TUNA!  The cheaper the better, water or oil, or the stuff in the pouches if you must.

Hey, if your dish doesn't turn out, as least you can feed it to your cat.

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