dnalia (dnalia) wrote in iron_trash,

Ramen Challenge Final and the Next Challenge

So, for the Ramen Challenge the scores are as follows:

Crunchy Ramen Candy - 20.6
Savory Chicken Ramen Pancakes - 26
Chicken Ramen Stir Fry - 18

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted.

Now for the next challenge. Final entries should be posted by two weeks from today (and hopefully captain_slinky can take over again by then) so that makes it by 3 PM Eastern Time on October 24th.

And the secret ingredient is...

Hot Dogs (they do make a vegetarian version of those, right? I didn't want to leave anyone out).

Oh Wait, I'm supposed to add a picture:

Any variety will do.


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woohoo I know what I am making :)
<3 They make tons of vegetarian options. My favorite are Smart Dogs :)
Oh good. I'm glad the ingredient will work for vegetarians, too.

I considered doing bacon, but I wasn't sure if there were non-meat versions available. Plus, it's $4 a freaking pound! That's too expensive to be trashy any more. Geesh.
There's vegetarian bacon, too, but it's A LOT more expensive than $4 a pound D:

There are vegetarian versions of pretty much everything but fish as far as I know: sausage links/patties, grilled/breaded/nugget/patty/shredded chicken, patty/crumbled beef, hot dogs, bacon, turkey... uhhh. a lot more, too, lol.
A wise choice, yung grasshopper... and thanks for taking action :)
No problem. Happy to help ;)
I see that its "hot dogs.." WHat about keilbasa?
Sure, why not?
hmmm, this one i might do.
D: what happened to this community?! I liked it...
I k now, I was wondering this!
I'm glad I'm not the only one. :( I wonder if there will ever be another challenge.